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How To: Moisturizing Lip Creator

Swivel upwards about 5 mm and apply directly to lips.
Use an adequate amount of product to ensure sufficient UV protection.
The TINT version can be removed with SHISEIDO MEN Face Cleanser.

For both no color and tint
The SPF label and PA label are a result of measuring them from applying 2mg of the formula to 1cm 2 of skin as stipulated by International SPF Test Method.
Pushing the stick out too far or dropping it can cause it to break.
Avoid contact with clothes and other fabrics, as it may cause staining.
Replace the cap firmly after use.
Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Tint only
Contains an ingredient that tints the lips so the formula may have red dots in some area, but will not affect product quality.
Tints lips after application. (Color intensity will differ by individual.)


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