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Give Yourself a Special Gift
to Make the Most of Being at Home.

Give Yourself a Special Gift to Make the Most of Being at Home.
You work from home, cook all your meals at home, and spend time doing your favorite things at home.
Sure, it’s nice to give gifts to that special someone, but you’ve been working overtime and you deserve something special.
We’ve got the perfect skincare pick-me-ups that will lift your spirits at home.
  • The Future is What You Make of It. A Gift in the Age of Empowerment.

    You strive to succeed, you strive for a well-balanced life. In order to fulfill your dreams, you need a solid foundation from which you can soar. So does your skin.

    By providing a strong and healthy foundation for your skin, known to achieve enduring beauty in any environment. Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a revolutionary serum that found the key to nurturing your skin’s inner defenses, even in the harshest urban environments. ImuGeneration Technology™ adopt potent natural extracts that empower your skin to defend itself against dryness and external stressor. For more resilient and radiant skin, this is a powerful ally for any woman to have in her beauty regimen today.

    With 1 Ultimune sold every 7 seconds*, this winner of 179 global beauty awards (as of December 2019) is a gift well-earned.
    * Jan-Dec 2019 sales

  • Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate_01
  • The Gift of a Luxurious Experience that Satisfies the Five Senses.

    If you want to indulge in moments of luxury with a hint of the unexpected, give yourself the gift of serum and cream from the Future Solution LX Legendary Series, Shiseido’s most luxurious skincare line. Harnessing the life force of Japan’s lush nature, the legendary Enmei herb and the exceptionally rare Green Treasured Silk revitalize your skin’s potential from within.

    The smooth, rich texture and main notes of Hanamasu (rugosa rose), Sakura (cherry blossom), and Ume (Japanese plum) combined with traditional Japanese aesthetics have the potential to not only enrich your skincare experience but to take you on an extraordinary sensory journey.

  • Future Solution LX_01
    • Future Solution LX_02
    • Future Solution LX

      Legendary Enmei Ultimate Luminance Serum


      Future Solution LX

      Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream

  • Not Your Everyday Skincare—A Mask To Give Your Eyes a Boost

    When it comes to skincare, we don’t often give much consideration to products that target the area under our eyes, but they really shouldn’t be considered specialty products. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a special gift, perhaps this is the perfect item.

    Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask is a multi-benefit eye mask formulated with Retinol and ReNeura Technology++™ to hydrate, boost radiance visibly lifting and firming. Immediately see a more radiant eye area with a simple addition to your standard skincare regimen.

  • Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask_01
    • Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask_02
    • Vital Perfection

      Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask

  • Gift Yourself a New Modern Look with Matte Lips.

    If you want to give yourself the gift of a mood-boost, the best way to do it is with color. How about a matte lipstick that combines weightless full coverage with the most beautiful colors in the world?

    With its impressive lineup of 30 shades to choose from, Modern Matte Lipstick easily lets you change your look when the mood strikes. One swipe instantly transforms your look and makes a bold statement. Formulated with a unique blend of waxes and oils, it’s hydrating and provides a powder-soft finish on the lips that stays put for long-lasting impact.

  • ModernMatte Powder Lipstick_01